‚ÄčThe Princess Who Wore Glasses

"I am a fourth grade teacher and when I read this book to my students they were fighting over who could read it next! The story will help everyone see that wearing glasses can be looked at as something special, and it will encourage the kids who do wear glasses every day that it's okay to shine in a different way. Definitely buy this book and share it with others!"
            - Laura Murphy, 4th grade teacher in Raleigh, NC

"A wonderful book about a princess who, once she wears glasses, discovers the beauty of her kingdom with a new clarity. Colorfully illustrated and delightful to read, its' theme is that wearing glasses can be a positive experience, allowing connections to the world around us. The author is a family therapist who must know how young minds work. Perfect for a little girl!"
             -Patricia, mother in North Carolina

"This is a truly original book on a common, important topic, which helps children see wearing glasses in a positive light. Once the princess starts wearing glasses, she is able to see details about her friends and her world in such a beautiful way. Love it and highly recommend it! "
             -Karla Jurveston, M.D. and mother of two in California

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‚ÄčThe Princess Who Wore Glasses has been featured in publications around the world.  Most notably, in September 2012 the Midwest Book Review wrote:

-The Princess Who Wore Glasses" is a charmingly illustrated story...that will help young girls who need glasses to see better.  It can be challenging to feel good about yourself when you look different from others.  "The Princess Who Wore Glasses" reveals so many good things about having glasses to see the world.  Girls will love "The Princess Who Wore Glasses" and they will know that wearing glasses can be a wonderful thing.

You can read the full review by clicking here.

Princess Liana invites you to follow her on her journey through the press as she reaches out to share her joy in finding out that it really is magical to see what you have not seen before.

Princess Press

Princess Liana was featured in a the May 2012 issue of Macaroni Kid, an online newsletter for kids and kid events in Coon Rapids, Blaine, and Andover, MN.  You can read the review by clicking here.

The January 2000 issue of Washington Magazine wrote a review of The Princess Who Wore Glasses.  You can read the article by clicking here.

The Princess Who Wore Glasses became world famous when featured on page 60 of the March 2013 issue of Insight Magazine, a leading Opthamalic newspaper in Australia.  You can find this article by clicking here.

One of Princess Liana's most fun reviews came from the award winning mom's blog, In Lieu of Preschool.   You can find this review and follow this blog by clicking here.

Being recognized worldwide is amazing, but certainly Princess Liana was excited about being recognized locally on WRAL by Go Ask Mom.  Please read this article and not only hear about the book, but also learn a little more about  the awesome author!  You can read this article by clicking here.

The Princess Who Wore Glasses is about so many things, but an important part is the message to the many, many little boys and girls that must wear glasses.  This is why it is always remarkable when the book is reviewed and recommended by organizations like Little Four Eyes.  You can read their review and find other information about children's glasses by clicking here.

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