​The Princess Who Wore Glasses

Meet Children's Author Laura Hertzfeld Katz

Welcome to The Princess Who Wore Glasses website!  As a mom and family therapist, I was excited to write a positive story that would help little girls with their transition to wearing eyeglasses! When my friend’s little girl found she had to get eyeglasses, she said, “But Mommy, there are no princesses who wear glasses!”  And she was right! This little girl, like so many others, felt that wearing glasses was going to make her “different” from her other princess friends at school and in books.  She was looking for a princess who matched her own experience.   She wanted to know another “real” princess in her world that had to get glasses, one she could see and read about at night before she went to bed!   

I had my challenge before me.  Having committed my life’s work to doing what I can to encourage girls and women to be comfortable with who they are and to feel confident in living out their destinies,  I felt compelled to make a princess who wore glasses come alive!  She would be royal and lovely.  She would have loving parents who wanted their daughter to see her kingdom clearly. And she, of course, would need an adventure!

Princess Liana doesn’t just get eyeglasses, she gets “magic” eyeglasses that help her to see everything in glorious detail.  And it is not just what she sees after she gets glasses that is so powerful, but also who had put the objects there she had never seen before and why.  It is even the detail with which she can now see her girlfriends at school that creates excitement for both Princess Liana and them.

You know, it really is magical to see what you have not seen before!

I hope you enjoy the story.  I wish for your princess the joy of seeing her kingdom in all of its glorious detail.

 Laura Hertzfeld Katz

Jacob Duncan has loved making art from a very early age. Raised on a farm and homeschooled from the beginning Jacob had the freedom to pursue his interests to the fullest. When he was 12 years old he did his first job illustrating "The Princess Who Wore Glasses". Jacob is currently working as a freelance artist and pursuing a career in concept art for films and games. 

Meet Children's Illustrator Jacob Duncan